How to Tame Your Draggin'

I do not want a car. I am perfectly happy walking. The last car I owned was a free spirit and it has found its Garden of Speedin'. I do not need a car. I don't have to pay for maintenance, nor stuff like temporary car insurance before I can drive it home. So said I, when my children insisted I needed a car because walking at my age wasn't safe, nor was it healthy. I'd have had something to say about the age thing, but they're both bigger than I am; talk about not being safe or healthy. So the search was on.

A seller told my daughter his car had been possessed. By whom? No, not that kind of possessed. She wasn't to think of an old movie called Christine or Herbie the wonder bug. No, this car simply had a mind of its own and definitely knew when its owner was right for it. My daughter made a wondering, Idunno, kind of sound, so the seller told her more of the story.

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Apparently, the temporary car insurance taken out on the car when it was bought by the first owner didn't cover tree climbing. The car didn't think this owner was right for it so it got itself into the lowest branch of a tree until the situation was remedied. My daughter laughed. Nor did the second owner have better luck, for the car literally breathed fire on the driver just after taking out the policy to drive the car home. My daughter looked at me with a horrified look. The third hardy soul wasn't so happy after the car flew through the air with no provocation or speeding, so that now the car sat on his lot, waiting for the perfect owner to come along.

We went to see the car the next day, temporary car insurance policy in hand just in case the car liked me. We walked around the car admiring the flow of its design and the vibrancy of its color. We popped the hood so my son could see if it ran. The owner asked if I wanted to drive it. My kids looked hesitant, but I winked at them and grabbed the keys to test drive the car.

The temporary car insurance policy is now permanent and I have a car. All that was needed is that sense of identification all things have with each other, from our favorite bike to our favorite baking pan to our favorite electric tools on our workbench. Oh, yes, the bond between me and my car includes lessons on how not to block my side view with the wings.


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